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Photo by Andrea Cosgrove

2020 Stars

Lucretia Treadgold —

Stars is a 12-month mentoring programme that supports, motivates and positively reinforces Year 9 students during their first year in secondary school.

What is a leader? Is it someone who directs a group of people with instructions or someone who leaves an impact, no matter how small.

I have had the huge privilege of participating in the Stars peer mentoring program at Hornby High. Through this program, we realise the crucial concept of being part of a team. This commitment has been a highlight of my Year 12 experience at school, and with it I will be carrying new-found skills and confidence that I never knew was possible, as I am such an introvert myself!

To future students… we all have the same 24 hours in a day and have the choice about how we use that time. I can assure you that devoting time to becoming a peer mentor is not something that will just benefit you for your short time at school, but it is an opportunity that will equip you with team building and leadership skills once you go out into the workforce. Whether you want to harness and strengthen speaking skills, leadership skills, or leave a positive influence on the Year 9’s, Stars peer mentoring is quite literally an opportunity of a lifetime and is something that no one will regret.

Cameron Arthur
Outstanding Contribution to Stars