Hero photograph
Photo by Kate Boyes

Outdoor Education

Allan Kane —

The main focus of Outdoor Education is the level 2 and 3 courses. 

Every year I talk to the class about bacon and eggs and involvement and commitment. With bacon and eggs the chicken is involved but the pig is committed and gives its absolute best. This is what I expect in Outdoor Education - the students give their best.  

We started with an international mix to the class – 3 Japanese students who were here for the first term. This was fantastic for both them and the other class members. All pushed their boundaries to try out new activities and help each other understand what was expected. I really enjoyed seeing how the class worked together to make sure no one was left out. We were sorry to see them go.

The weather has been kind to us allowing all the trips to go ahead. So we’ve been tramping, orienteering, indoor rock climbing, abseiling, camping and generally navigating our way around the local hills quite well. We’ve been to Mt Somers, Mt Oxford and the Craigieburn ranges

The final trip allowed the students to display all the skills learnt throughout the year and complete the final parts of the practical component of the course - students needed to display their skills in several different locations and at different times of the year. They also needed to show social growth and development. This can be frustrating as most of the credits earned can’t be awarded until late in the year when all the practical skills have finished being assessed.

I’ll let a selection of photos tell the rest of the story.

We are currently planning and booking dates and activities for next year’s Outdoor Education courses and activities.

Here’s to blue skies next year.

Mr A Kane
TIC Outdoor Education