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Photo by Andrea Cosgrove

Stars Mentors 2020

Lucretia Treadgold —

What a year it has been, but after all the craziness I am finishing the year as a very proud Stars coordinator.

I am proud that throughout this crazy year, all 24 mentors keep coming back to support their Year 9 classes.

I am also proud that although the students had so much going on in their own lives after missing weeks of school during lock down, they still held their responsibility of being a Star mentor in high regard. They still continued to come to their weekly meetings and to their Star sessions.

I am very proud that the two Star award winners will be head students in 2021 and 11 mentors will be part of the team of 15 prefects next year. It is such a huge accomplishment to become a prefect during your time at high school and well deserved. I know I will always remember my prefect years with much delight.

I am also proud of the mentors who will be coming back next year to help lead a new group of eager students who are ready to do their part in helping with the transition into high school. I am very thankful for the support of the senior mentors, who come back to lead by example, as without them the new mentors can struggle to find their own lead.

We worked with some amazing Year 9 students who matured so much over the year and learnt to contribute to each session in their own way while having fun with their mentors, making connections which will one day help them to grow into wonderful Star mentors.

I am proud that our community project planting trees with the Christchurch City Council still happened and was a wonderful lesson in “great expectations”. For some students they learnt to hold a shovel for the first time so planting a tree was a huge step and the students can enjoy watching the reserve flourish in the future.

We had so much support from amazing community organisations who were involved with the Starsopoly, which helped raise awareness of organisations and other opportunities in the community for the Year 9 students as well as the mentors.

Finally, I am proud to be involved with Hornby High School and all the great work the teachers and staff do with their tamariki. It is always a great pleasure to work at Hornby High School and I look forward to another amazing year. Let’s hope 2021 won’t be as dramatic as this year. 

Being a Stars peer mentor is a big responsibility. It is being a role model to Year 9 students of our kura and to everyone. You hold the pride of being a leader by showing it through your actions, words, and your mind-set. This year wasn’t the greatest but we had a great time with our Year 9 students. Spending half an hour with them each week sounds short but we have formed good relationships and helped them build their self-esteem, confidence, and make them realise how awesome they are. Overall, it was a great experience for me. I had the chance to connect with younger students in our school and help them throughout the year. I encourage future leaders out there to take these kinds of opportunities and step out of your comfort zone. For those who are passionate in supporting our younger students, this is a great opportunity for you. Lovely Tabuena, Year 12.