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Photo by Andrea Cosgrove

Our Tikanga for GoogleMeet

Robin Sutton —

With lots of meetings taking place online using the tool GoogleMeet, we'd like whānau to understand the Tikanga, the 'expectations' we expect around student behaviour in this environment.

 These are our expectations:

  1. If you are sent an invite, it is considered learning time. Accept or decline it, rather than ignore it. If you are declining, apologise in advance to that teacher via email.
  2. Turn on your camera and please leave it on. Mute yourself.
  3. Make sure you are NOT in bed, and ideally not in your bedroom either.
  4. Using the ‘grid extension’, you can choose to NOT include yourself in the grid. This is much less wearying on you.
  5. Use the chat feature to ask questions.
  6. Stay focussed and off your phone so you don’t miss anything.
  7. You can be removed from the Meet for not upholding the school values; temporarily or for the whole Meet.
  8. A Google Meet should not go longer than 30 minutes, if it is, then you can question what it’s point is. Politely.
  9. We will all get used to this, it is different and confronting, but we are all in this together.