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Photo by Kate Boyes

ESOL Department 2017

Mrs Lynda O'Donnell —

Our ESOL Department has continued to expand and burst at the seams this year. We have welcomed students from many nations to learn English at Hornby High School. At over 10 per cent of our school, these students bring a wealth of culture and experience to our Hornby community.

This year, we have welcomed three new teachers to the ESOL Department. First, Mrs Marijo Flores picked up five small classes of junior students. This was essential, with the large influx of Filipino students in Years 7–10. Mr Nick Williams also picked up ESOL hours, transferring his language skills in Japanese into English Language teaching. His work with the students on blogging has been excellent for the department. Finally, we had to split our two NCEA classes in Term 3, as a result of growth in the senior school. In order to do this, we welcomed Mrs Maryanne Ducray to the ESOL Department. She has picked up two ESOL classes, quickly whipping them into shape with grammar activities and writing tasks. Her help is greatly appreciated.

Our work with English Language Learners would not be possible without the huge support from our teacher aides. This year, we had a huge need for a Tongan speaking teacher aide in the junior school. Thankfully, Ane Tatu stepped up to fill the position. She has been such an asset to our Tongan students and we couldn’t do this job without her. Another addition to the team has been Andrea Graves, who began the year volunteering her precious time to support our English Language learners. She has worked in junior ESOL classes as well as individually working with senior students. 

Mrs O’Donnell will be taking leave for 2018 to start a new journey as a mum. After all her experience mothering the migrant students here at Hornby, she has gained plenty of skills for this new adventure. She wishes all her ESOL students the very best for 2018, and looks forward to hearing of their progress.