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Photo by Kate Boyes

Gateway — 2017

Mrs Linda Barnett —

2017 has been another successful year for Gateway.

28 students participated in the Gateway programme in 2017 with,  by year's end,  23 students all prepared to move into the industry they had chosen.

This year one of our building students gained an apprenticeship, with others exceeding expectations with their work placements  gaining valuable knowledge of the industry. Some of these students are moving into the building industry by enrolling in SIT Pre-trade next year.

Richard Donald earned 41 credits this year as he took on the challenge and passed all the credits available to him before the end of Term 3. This earned him the Gateway Trophy for 1st in class in Gateway this year.

Two of our students entered the world of IT with their work placement at Jade Software. An offer was made by Jade to mentor them in their future careers.

Other career choices included: chefing, hospitality, sport & recreation, butchery, nursing, automotive, hairdressing, floristry, electrical engineering, broadcasting, offer of internship with Waste Management and retail opportunities with the Warehouse.

We have these and any many other career options available to our students who enrol with Gateway for 2018.

We must thank all the businesses and organisations which have supported the Hornby High School Gateway programme this year. We recognise that without them there would be no chance of success for our students moving into these industries.