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Photo by Kate Boyes

Junior Student Council

Katie Tozer —

The Student Council is made up of students from Year 7–10. Throughout 2017, the Student Council has been incredibly busy with meetings every few weeks and involvement in a number of exciting things at school and around the community.

We had our annual junior social on Thursday 29 June. The theme this year was black and white. We had a fantastic turnout, with many staff and students embracing the black and white theme, dressing in fabulous costumes. There have been a number of mufti days organised throughout the year for a number of different charities including Westpac Rescue Helicopters, The Salvation Army and Cancer Society NZ.

The Student Council has also been involved in discussions around the rebuild and the development of the learning commons. Members of the Student Council also formed a focus group in order to gather  student voice about the new learning commons. The learning commons is going to take the place of the existing library when stage one of the rebuild is finished. Students have had the opportunity to have their say about what they would use the learning commons for and what they would like the learning commons to look like.

In addition to all of the work here at school, the Student Council put in a submission to the Christchurch City Council for the proposed library and leisure centre that is going to be built. They did this using student voice gathered from students across Year 7–13.

The 2017 Student Council has been very committed and have lots of exciting ideas for 2018.