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Photo by Kate Boyes

Performing Arts Technology

Joanne Clark —

This subject introduces students to the technical skills needed to create visual elements for theatre and film projects. It can cover make-up, prop and costume design. In past years students have also worked on set construction and lighting design.

This year NCEA Drama classes worked on makeup. The Level 1 class studied Victorian Theatre and how characters would have looked.  An example of this was the desirability of alabaster white skin as it symbolised class and wealth, by showing that you were wealthy enough not to have to work in the sun like the lower classes. In the mid-19th Century, beards and moustaches become very popular, the bigger the better as Bray and Sergei discovered.

Horror makeup was popular and Lauren started the Zombie look fad which spread to staff.  We also experimented with stage blood for the gruesome Titus Andronicus scenes