Hero photograph
Photo by Kelly McNicholl

Polyfest 2023

Ane Tatu —

Thank you for all the kind wishes and support during our journey preparing for Polyfest. To the staff who sent messages and were there in person to support on the day, thank you. The students performed so well, and as some of you know, I am a crier, and the tears were a representation of how proud I was of each and every one of those students. I can tell you quite confidently that our students should know our CARR values by now.

Our Polyfest student leaders were Matthew, Sina and Chantae. Matthew, Merika, Malama & Laisa showed amazing leadership in teaching some of the performances.

A special thank you to Ua'i, Oscar, Jayne and Quenten, for being there with us throughout the whole day and ensuring the day went smoothly. Laurie for SLT support. Whaea Jo and Kana for supporting the group, with Ella, (Laisa's sister), teaching the Fijian group, and Malia (Mele's sister), supporting the Tongan group. Our awesome tutor Lapana (Hornby High School ex-student) bought the positive energy every time. Liisa, thank you for making me feel like nothing was impossible; Liisa sewed our Cook Island group and Samoan boys uniform. Thank you Afionga (Hornby High School ex-student's mum) for sewing the Samoan girls' uniform. Meki, Tiah and my siblings (all Hornby High School ex-students) for helping dress the students and my aunty Kalo for helping create the Tongan uniform. This is the amazing community we have. To the rest of the staff, your aroha and support has not gone unnoticed and I appreciate you all.