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Photo by Kelly McNicholl

Hornby High Schools Junior Leaders for 2023

Tracy Allan-Fletcher —

Hornby High Schools Junior Leaders for 2023 are finding their feet in their new positions within the Kura. Every year, twelve students from Year 7-10 are selected to be a part of this group. Students apply for the positions and discussions are had with teachers and deans to ensure we are choosing the right people for the job.

Today is an introduction to our Junior Leaders. Each Kāhui has a team leader and three team members. Our team leaders this year are Amber H (Mōhua), Susie N (Riroriro) and Shanaya D (Tīeke). The team members are Aimee M, Daniel P, Trisanah A, Sadie B, Bea P, Rinoah C, Riansha K and Mikhanya R-T.  There is currently an opening for another student to join us.

Hornby High Schools Junior Leaders have hit the ground running this year! Not only are we in full swing planning for the World Vision 40 Hour Challenge, but also organising a mufti day and sausage sizzle for the Salvation Army's 'Give A Helping Hand Appeal'. More information to come on both of these events! Watch this space to see what amazing things the team achieve this year!