Hero photograph
Photo by Kate Boyes

Year 12 Biology

Allan Kane —

Year 12 Biology worked on their knowledge of cells, genetics and other life processes. 

In March we went to Taylor's Mistake where we not only worked on our suntans but also gathered information about the rocky shore to take back to school. We used this information to finish off our assessment about rocky shore ecosystems.

I know that the Year13 students in this year’s Biology class they have all learned so much, ranging from what old skulls looked like to why we can’t clone people. We have been focussed on learning about human evolution and plant responses this year.   Coupled with this, students have written various reports and speeches based on biological techniques. 

We went on a trip to Orana Park. We go there to study evolution by looking at the various apes and monkeys. We will also look at how their skulls differ and how they are different appearance wise. This links in well with topics studied earlier in the year.