Hero photograph
Photo by Kelly McNicholl

48Hour Filmmaking 2022

Joanne Clarke —

On Friday 12 August, the genres and features were released for the annual weekend of film making throughout New Zealand.

Flower Unlimited created a crime movie, Hornby Heroes, a Pavlova Western. Yay! Wait, what is a Pavlova Western? How do you make a teenage crime movie? Time for research and some concentrated creative brainstorming.

On a sunny Saturday 13th August, the two 48Hour Film-making teams got underway. Hornby Heroe's New Zealand flavoured Pavlova Western featured Sam, Molly, Jess, Emalea, Nadia, Meagan and Sofia,  while Flowers Unlimited featuring Lauren, Faith, Jhermaine, and Louise, created a crime movie. Both genres seemed to involve playing cards. They had to include “a sign, a whisper, a worm or bird’s-eye view and a gate-keeper” . Teams were well prepared with scripts, props, camera gear, and the all important snacks. Filming went well.

Sunday 14 August: Post production - editing, sound track, special effects. There was a lot of pressure on lead editors Sam [Hornby Heroes] and Lauren [Flowers Unlimited] right up tothe 7pm deadline. Both teams succeeded in making films. 'Wild West Coast Story' [Hornby Heroes] was a rollicking comic yarn and 'Know You' [Flowers Unlimited] a sinister plot twister. Both screened in the Christchurch heats and 'Know You' was an audience favourite. Well done to both teams.