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Surviving lock down with your family

Andrea Cosgrove —

Welcome back to term 2 of one of the strangest school years we’ve all experienced. At Attitude we know that the health and well-being of students is one of the most important things right now.

We have created a 5 minute video aimed at students to help provide them with some tools and insights necessary to cope with Surviving the lock down with your family. We know that it can be incredibly challenging for many young people and their families at this time and this might help.

Here is a link to the YouTube video of our presenters talking about getting along with your family in Attitude’s classic entertaining, informative and inclusive way.

Click here to view video

In this video we recommend 4 Tips that young people can use to help get along with their family better.

1. You can’t change your family but you can change your approach to them. Brayden helps explain the importance of this perspective and empowers young people to focus on what they can control.

2. Act like an adult and you might get treated like an adult. Tamatea presents the options that young people have when they stuff up, make mistakes or clash with a family member. We highlight the benefits of taking responsibility vs. shifting blame.

3. Try talking to your parents as if you actually like them. Rory gives this helpful and sometimes counter-intuitive communication tip which can transform relationships at home.

4. Notice the things about your parents that you do like. Jannah points out how easy it is to only see the annoying things about our parents. However her tip is that if you choose to notice the positive about this situation then your relationship with your parents can improve.

Attitude is a programme of Parenting Place who have lots of amazing articles, videos and courses available to help support families in Aotearoa.