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Barbara Climo —

It has been another busy year in Careers. Amongst the disruptions of Covid we have still managed to give our students lots of opportunities.

The Year 12 students were able to attend the University of Canterbury Discovery Day later in the year after it was postponed due to Covid in Term 1. Our Year 13 students also attended Canterbury University Open Day in September.

We have had students participating in dual enrolment at Ara, National Trade Academy, and Avon City Ford, for one or two days a week. We have also had students out on work experience which has led to some of our students getting full time work. I thought last year we had lots of employers contacting me with employment opportunities for our students but this year the number of employers contacting me in Terms 3 and 4 was significantly higher. There certainly are lots of opportunities for our students locally.

This year we have taken students to a wide range of careers events including ENI Engineering, John Jones Steel, SIT, Canterbury University.

Students participated in a range of courses: Careers in Travel & Tourism taster, Barista, First Aid, Flight attending, Bar Tending.

One of our department goals for 2022 has been to increase the number of students successfully passing their learners and restricted licenses. I have managed to do this, and we will continue to improve on this in 2023. My inquiry into students sitting licenses has highlighted that our male students are not sitting their restricted license at the same rate as our female students. 

                                                                  2019  2020  2021   2022

Learners License                                      15      25       32     46

Restricted                                                  14      12        7      25

We have continued to be involved with the ESIS Employment Service in Schools Pilot. This is an employment service in schools’ pilot. Providers with employment expertise are contracted to work with schools, students, and their families, to help to plan and prepare students for employment when they leave school.

This year we had eight Year 13 students receive a total of 14 scholarships. These were from University of Canterbury, Otago University and Ara. These scholarships enable our students to enter their tertiary education studies without having to be worried about their finances. We were lucky to have University of Canterbury staff run a workshop for our Year 13 students applying for scholarships.

Adamson, Brayden - University of Canterbury Te Kakau a Maui (150th) Fully funded course fees

Burns, Jaime - University of Canterbury Te Kakau a Maui (150th) Fully funded course fees

Donnelly, Ashanti - Ara Maori Scholarship $4,000

Dreaver, Rheanna - Otago Māori Entrance Scholarship $13,000

Fry, Natasha - University of Canterbury Te Kakau a Maui (150th) Fully funded course fees.  Horomata $6,000 Fees or accommodation.  Hiranga $5,000

Lilly, Jessica - University of Canterbury Hiranga $5,000

Prasad, Nidhi - University of Canterbury Pasifika $6,000.  Te Kakau a Maui (150th) Fully funded course fees

Walton, Nathan - University of Canterbury Hiranga $5,000.  Mapura Bright Start 1 year fees.  UC Kaupeka Ture $5,000