Hero photograph
Photo by Kate Boyes

Year 11 History

Jane Turner —

Year 11 History have worked super hard this year. Learning about Nazi Germany, NZ involvement in the Korean War and the 1981 Springbok Tour.

We were very fortunate to have John Minto speak to the class about his involvement in the 1981 Tour. 

Our students learnt the impact people like Mr Minto had on New Zealand history. Mr Minto spoke about his interactions with Nelson Mandela, Robert Muldoon and Rugby mad fans during the protests. 

Our class also had another perspective from Mr Te Hurinui Bryan Clarke. Te Hurinui is former military, he was a soldier at the time and was called upon by the Government to maintain peace and order during the tour. He spoke to the class about his interactions on the frontline with protesters. He said how they were trained to take orders without question and at the time he was for the Rugby to be played but on reflection now, he would be against the tour.

Our students have developed a strong interest in these topics and are all keen to either take History next year or look at Classical Studies which is the study of Ancient Roman/Greek History.