Hero photograph
Photo by Andrea Cosgrove

Geography Trip to Wainui

Jan Handley —

On Tuesday 18 August the combined level 2 and level 3 geography class went on their long awaited research trip. The Level 3 trip was originally planned for Kaikoura but as we all know many of our plans were altered this year. Instead we all went to Wainui in Akaroa Harbour.

For some this was their first trip to Wainui and for others it was their first trip to Akaroa. The weather was not exactly warm or clear but the class was well focused on their research. 

At Wainui they measured, tested, photographed, and came to understand many of the coastal processes that they had been learning about in class. One of the things they came to understand is that real life is not always the same as the processes we learn about in class, there are many variables.

Under quite harsh conditions, very cold and by early afternoon very windy, the students worked in groups to collect data on longshore transport, beach profiles, wave height, wave direction, wind strength and direction, and sediment size. They were a credit to Hornby High School, hopefully most of them enjoyed the day.