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Photo by Kelly McNicholl

Level 3 Geography Trip to Kaikoura

Jan Handley —

Level 3 Geography takes an annual trip to Kaikoura to collect data for their research topic so on the 11th March they packed up their gear and headed north to Kaikoura.

Their work is always based around the North Beach where they study beach profiles, sediment size, longshore drift and collect information on wind and waves.

The day started well with all the students and staff arriving at school for their pre-departure RAT test. Some of them were a little apprehensive but everyone managed to return a negative result, so off they went. The trip took them up to Cheviot  stopping for a break before continuing up to the Kaikoura township. After lunch they headed up to the far end of North Beach, close to the Hapuku river collecting the first lot of data. Everyone was extremely organised having practiced around the school prior to leaving.

The weather was amazing (a little too hot at 27 degrees).  The waves were roaring, something that had not happened on previous trips over the last 5 years). Initially, they thought this would be great for their first Longshore drift measurement, however when they threw the orange into the ocean it disappeared immediately making it impossible to measure the movement over time. A few changes to their plans and with the use of driftwood they were able to continue with their data collection.  Five beaches later, everyone was well and truly ready to head to their accommodation for the night.

Dusky Lodge was wonderful. They had great rooms, were able to sit outside and eat their dinner as the weather was so warm. Some had a swim and others a spa and swim which was a wonderful way to relax at the end of the day.

The following morning after breakfast they packed up and headed to the end of the Peninsula. The students had to put up with Mrs Handleys geology excitement with discussions around concretions and changes in sediment and the new landscape since the earthquake. They did get to see baby seals practicing their swimming in the small pools and had a nice walk around the headland. A big thank you to the awesome students who behaved in a mature and thoughtful manner throughout the whole trip. A special thankyou to Whāea Raewyn and Vicky Chandler for coming along and supporting this trip.