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Photo by Andrea Cosgrove

Theatre Trip: Shakespeare’s Twelfth Night

Joanne Clark —

An eclectic group of thirty Hornby High School Year 10 and 11 students, accompanied by Mr Scott Aitken and Mrs Joanne Clark had the wonderful experience of attending Twelfth Night, one of Shakespeare’s best-loved plays.

Thank you for the support from Top Dog Theatre company who invited us to the matinee on 12 August and then found sponsorship to pay for our tickets and bus expenses. Twelfth Night is Shakespeare’s brilliant fast-paced romantic comedy, brimming with interwoven plots of romance, mistaken identities, drunken songs and dances, farcical fights and practical jokes to delight and entertain the audience. Separated from her twin brother Sebastian in a shipwreck, Viola disguises herself as a boy and becomes a servant to Duke Orsino. So begins this whirlwind tale where music is the food of love and anything is possible for these romantic castaways!

The enthusiastic applause from the young audience at the Thursday matinee was genuine enthusiasm which bubbled over on the bus ride back to school and then students 'wouldn't stop talking about that play" as they walked home with friends.

 Here are some comments:

"I enjoyed the acting because it was funny and made me and my friends laugh"

"I didn't have a favorite scene because I loved all of the scenes and I didn't really have a favorite character because I loved all of them."

"Favorite scene was when they were at a bar and dancing to music and other things happen", understandably so as the rendition of The Elephant was delightfully vulgar.

"I loved the man with the long hair (Orsino) and that girl with red hair that was a lady and man character (Viola)

"Thanks for letting me attend the Isaac Royal Theatre I had a great time and I enjoyed it all.'

This was a rich experience for our students from the moment we arrived at the magnificent Theatre Royal which was in itself a revelation for them. The decadent atmosphere of Orsino's Court immediately appealed and the audience was swept into a dazzling story which filled their senses, left them bemused, laughing and thrilled.