Hero photograph
Photo by Andrea Cosgrove

Outdoor Education

Allan Kane —

What a year, it’s been described as hanging onto the tail of the tiger, trying to keep up through all the unexpected twists and turns, plus avoid being bitten.

In terms of impact on our outdoor education activities, we missed one complete trip which did create minor issues down the track (pardon the pun). Plus we had to reschedule some others.

Overall, it has been a successful year. It’s not easy to do a practical type subject though remote online learning, It's not easy to teach it either. Those students that put in the effort during that time reaped the benefits later on.

A large chunk of the work for the year uses the outdoors as the context to assess students on their social growth and development and social responsibility. Using self and peer reviewing plus term by term adult assessor input, the students track their progress.

Can they do the practical tasks? Plus back this up with the theoretical work in class? It has been interesting to see who did what. Almost all had no dramas completing the practical work – yes it was challenging but doable.

It all came together during our final trip. This year it didn’t snow. This 3 day tramp now will form the foundation for those who have chosen to go on and take Level 3 outdoor Education in 2021.

It has been a pleasure watching the students overcome difficulties and grow in themselves, as they have completed the year and gone on to gain credits in the various skills taught during the year. I am looking forward to following their progress next year and in the future.