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Juliet Buenaventura —

Some people have established a mind-set that mathematics is a difficult and tedious subject.

Unfortunately, this mentality has been passed through generations which affects the students’ confidence to exhibit their analytical and logical thinking and skills.  This year, the Mathematics Department continued with the focus of improving students’ confidence and the focus on literacy in maths and mathematics Literacy. Yes, maths is fun!  The challenges of solving maths problems are enjoyable too even if you end up with a wrong answer.  Speed isn’t important in solving maths problems, and it is always okay to make any mistakes.  Even those famous mathematicians that we know spent a long period of time generating a formula. The real formula to enjoy and be successful in mathematics is positive attitude, self-confidence, willingness to learn, perseverance and resilience.  Thus, we kicked the year off with Week of Inspiration Maths where students think like young mathematicians.  They displayed their mathematical reasoning and abstract thinking skills, creativity and they applied their prior knowledge or fundamental concepts in building shapes, the art of patterns, and more other enjoyable and creative activities in class.

The senior mathematics students started the Maths Club this year where they offered tutorials at lunch time, organised maths activities during the 'Maths Week' that we celebrated in August and helped in training the Cantamath students.  Considering that the first half of the year was unsettled due to Covid, not many students were attending the lunch time tutorials. To make maths still enjoyable even when the students were home, the department started the Weekly Maths Quiz from Week 4 of Term 1 and it carried on until the end of the year.

Despite several distractions due to covid, it was a busy year for the maths students.  Four of our outstanding Year 11 students competed in the annual Year 11 Casio Calculator Competition.  The competition was held on Tuesday, the 21st June, at the Aurora Centre in Burnside High School.  The Hornby High School team was composed of committed, consistent, and conscientious, students. Our team consisted of the following bright students : Axle Brigs Sangalang, Khush Patel, Ranit Lal and Khyle Kyamko.

On the 8th - 12th of August, New Zealand celebrated Maths Week 2022.   At Hornby High School, we celebrated Maths Week, a week of fun, creativity and challenges.  The Maths Club organised a daily activity and problem solving for both the staff and the students.  The maths team also ran a variety of activities;  Monday: Bingo Games, Tuesday: Maths Booklet, Wednesday: Guess the Number of Jelly Beans, Thursday: Mini-Cantamath and Friday: Rubik’s Cube Competition.  Both the staff and students were overjoyed with prizes they received and had fun with mathematics problems and riddles.  The Hornby High School students are instinctively creative, and we cannot deny the evidence through their Cre8ive Maths projects which were done during their Wānanga, Hurumanu and Maths class.  A diverse method of exhibiting our students' creative thinking through acrostic poem, slogans, rap, or songs. Believe it or not, during this week we rose-and-shone with Mr Sutton’s incredible limericks.

The big event also happened this year after two years of postponement due to covid restrictions.  The Cantamath Team Competition was held on the 24th of August at the Christchurch Arena.  Cantamath is a thrilling mathematics event that gives an opportunity for students to exhibit their mathematical skills, logical thinking and teamwork.  Hornby High School's young mathematicians from Year 7-10, four members each year level, competed in this battle of the brains.  The maths department would like to extend their gratitude to Mrs Ampuero and to the Hornby High School Maths Club for their time and effort in training our competitors.  Our school teams consist of the following brilliant young mathematicians:

Year 7: Oakley (TzR), Cole (CtR), Daisy (TuM), Kristhel (TrM)

Year 8: Divine (TrM), MIchael (MtM), Venice (MtM), Basty (CdT)

Year 9: Reuben (DsT), Mikayla (TlT), Aliyah (CoT), Dylan (DsT)

Year 10: Garick (HdM), Travis (RaT), Nolan (CeR), Mark (HdM)

It was a roller coaster year, but a successfull one for the Mathematics department. We were inspired to see the students' joy and fulfilment as they progressed to the next stage of their high school journey.  To celebrate their success, the department awarded trophies to the most improved young mathematicians.   A trophy was awarded to the Most Improved Mathematician in Year 7 / 8, Year 9 / 10 and Y11 / 12 / 13.  The senior recipient of this award was Kaedun Lowry (Year 11), and the junior recipients will be released in the newsletter.

The staff of the Maths Department for 2022 - Mr Buenaventura, Mr Daines, Mr Welch, Mrs Ampuero, Mrs Costello, Mr Rees, Mr Thorp - would like to wish you a wonderful and safe Christmas and summer holidays.  

Well done to all students and congratulations to all award recipients this year. Kia mau tonu ki to mahi pai.  Meri Kirihimete!