Hero photograph
Photo by Andrea Cosgrove


Juliet Buenaventura —

The Hornby High Chess Warriors had a battle of brain muscles on Friday, 31st of July. The Chess Interschool Regional Tournament sponsored by Chess Power was held at Avonhead School. There are four divisions in this tournament and the time is set for 15 minutes per player.

Our team’s rookies surprisingly competed in the senior division. Although quite intimidated, they bravely faced their opponents and won a few rounds. 

The Hornby High School chess team was composed of Luigi (Year 13), Chammy (Year 13), Joevick (Year 13), Ray (Year 12), Brielle (Year 10), Reige (Year 10), Ian (Year 10), Shawn (Year 10), Axle (Year 9), Ryan (Year 9) and Roberto (Year 8). Ryan received a Certificate of Excellence, and Roberto received a Certificate of Merit.

It was an intense game of mental muscles and our twice a week training paid off as they came second place overall. They also gained the following badges.

Chammy - Pawn Power (checkmate with a pawn) and Brave Bishop (checkmate with a bishop)

Axle - Usain Bolt (checkmate in less than 30 seconds)

It was a wonderful experience and created a great camaraderie among the team.


Round 1: Axle, Chammy, Joevick (vs St Bede’s), Luigi

Round 2: Ian, Reige, Brielle (vs St Bede’s), Roberto (draw)

Round 3: Axle

Round 4: Ray, Joevick (vs St Bede’s), Brielle

Round 5: Chammy, Ryan, Axle, Shawn

Round 6: Brielle (vs St Bede’s), Luigi (gained 3 queens), Chammy, Roberto

Round 7: Shawn (vs St Bede’s), Reige (vs Avonhead), Brielle (vs Canterbury Home Ed), Axle (vs Canterbury Home Ed), Joevick (vs St Bede’s)