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Photo by Kate Boyes

EPRO 8 Report by Molly Noven

Molly Noven, Year 10 —

This year a group of 10 students went to the EPro8 challenge in which they had to complete multiple challenges in the time of 2 ½ hours. 

The challenge was held in the hall at Heaton Intermediate School and eight other schools also participated. Almost every school had two teams of four and our school was no exception. Our two teams were named the Steampunks and Megawatts and we were one of the few schools that also had travelling reserves. Fortunately, no-one was injured and everyone showed up on the day.

Upon arrival you could feel the excitement in the air which would last until the end. As we entered the hall the first thing you noticed were the multiple stands containing a variety of equipment that would be used for the challenges.

The teams completed were two challenges. One was to create a laser pointer which was done by the Steampunks. The other was the creation of a sturdy bridge which a small vehicle could cross and a stop light completed by the Megawatts. The other challenges included creating a robotic guard dog or a carnival attraction. For each challenge there were different stages with each stage worth a different amount of points.