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Performing Arts - Yr 10 Drama

Mrs Joanne Clark —

The Performing Arts spaces are bustling with rehearsals for dance groups,instrumentalists, theatre sports, preparations for cultural events and with itinerant music lessons.

In term 2 classes students have worked on a variety of skills such as music composition, script interpretation, dance and improvisation.It is exciting to work creatively with our talented students.

In 10 Drama students learnt a dance from the musical The Addams Family with the valuable support of teacher intern Ms Alex Carter who has been heavily involved with the University’s Musoc. They also researched the musical genre and performing arts technologies such as costume, lighting and set design. Students from Whakaari Ranga/Drama Club joined in and they are preparing a piece from “Matilda”for the Term 3 Arts Evening on Wednesday 23 August. Mr Cameron Lemon has started a Theatre Sports group for juniors who will train for the Court Theatre Theatre Sports competition in Term 4.

Our Head Of Deaprment for Music, Mrs Katie Beer has been very busy preparing for her role in Showbiz’s “That Bloody Women '' which is on over the July holidays”and Savanna [yr 11] is appearing in Happy Days {Halswell Drama Group}. A group of staff went to see Nadia, a former student, perform in a one week run of At Sea, Staring Up with the Hagley Theatre Company. Our ambassadors to the Court Theatre, Risha [yr11] and Sofia [yr 12], have attended some deep and thought provoking plays.

NCEA Music students had an inspiring workshop for composition.We also enjoyed time with our music intern Mr Rae who bought his expertise in Music production. The year 11’s particularly had a great time learning about professional production and each recorded an original song.

Senior musicians including Kaupeka have been working hard on their Solo Performances and we look forward to sharing our work in our Arts event next term.

Mr Isaac Wilkes' senior dance crew performed energetically in the very popular Talent Quest. The regional Hip Hop competition is coming up and we will have a team participating for the first time.