Hero photograph
Photo by Andrea Cosgrove


Lucretia Treadgold —

The Star coordinators from around the nation have been putting our heads together to come up with a plan so Stars can still be delivered online for Term 2. There is a lot of learning for us all right now in using technology to stay connected and to deliver our Stars programme, but we are up for the challenge!

We are looking forward to reconnecting with our students, and the mentors hope to be reconnecting with the Year 9’s very soon. We hope you are looking after yourselves and having fun with your whānau. Stay home and stay safe.


I would love to help give this opportunity to this year's Year 9 class, and help them transition into high school life. I know that I would have enjoyed this when I was in Year 9 so being a part of this opportunity makes me feel as if I’m giving back to our Hornby High school community for all the amazing opportunities I am given. Being involved has helped me as well in my high school life, as I know now how important it is to take the opportunities that are given to the Year 9 students.

I decided to become a star peer mentor this year because when I was a Year 9 student I wanted to be a peer mentor myself when I could (of course back then Year 12 felt like forever away). I had done other mentoring/leadership roles before I signed up for stars, so I wasn’t a complete 'fish out of water' but it wasn’t exactly what I was expecting either (Year 9's are a little bit different to Year 1 and 2's). But I have been enjoying it and I am excited to see what the rest of the year holds and the new challenges it will bring.