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Photo by Kelly McNicholl

Theatre Trips

Joanne Clarke —

It has been a wonderful year for theatre, especially Shakespeare’s plays.

We have had many amazing opportunities to experience live theatre including Nadia’s trip to London, “Much Ado was so incredible! They implemented lots of song and music in a modern way which I thought was really interesting! The set was beautiful too! The National Theatre Is stunning! I went to see Phantom of the Opera with my friends too which was so amazing! Cried my eyes out too many times but the set and atmosphere was so beautiful you couldn’t help but cry! After that went to go home but stopped at Buckingham palace for a quick photo! Going to see Caesar tonight at the Globe. We saw Lear a couple days ago and it was pretty good, although on that day we had a 4hour walking tour, 2 hour dance workshop and a 2hr scene rehearsal beforehand so being a groundling was not the best experience for that day.”

Nadia and Molly, as ambassadors to Court Theatre, enjoyed and learned from the season's plays such as 'Foxtrots and Flagons', a relatable bit of New Zealand history and the powerful musical 'Rent'.

In August thirty students went to the beautiful Isaac Theatre Royal to see 'A Midsummer Night’s Dream' a very funny, fast-paced comedy which they loved. We are grateful to the generosity of TopDogs sponsors for this wonderful opportunity.

Ïn October senior performing Arts students went to NZ Opera’s Macbeth by Verdi.  This opera took place on a stark, sharply raked stage, surrounded by walls whose design suggests brutalist concrete blocks and steel trusses. Everything was done in shades of black, white, and grey, save for an occasional splash of red – for blood will out, as they say. The result is a brooding ominous Scotland where everything is out of kilter. It certainly contrasted with the pretty Italianate set we saw for 'A Midsummer Night’s Dream'.

We all learned so much from seeing live theatre: the stories, the sets, the emotions and the sheer exuberance and energy of life. As they say in “Rent”, “VIVA LA VIE BOHEME!”

Editorial from Nadia; My experience as a Court Theatre Ambassador for the past 2 years has been one that I have found to be extremely advantageous to my understanding of Theatre. It is very rare for students to get the opportunity to see up to four productions a year for free and work alongside like-minded people as well. I have loved being a Theatre Ambassador. This year I had the privilege to see 'Girl on the Train',  'Flagons and Foxtrots', and the major musical production of 'Rent'. It was absolutely incredible to see the talent that Christchurch has to offer, and also work alongside Riley Harter, who is one of the Educational Directors for the Court Theatre! I'd say my favourite show to have seen this year was 'Rent'. The deep and meaningful story, not only about the AIDS/HIV crisis of the 80s-90s, but also the importance of family, love, and making each memory one to last and remember, is one that I had already loved, but seeing 'Rent' live was one of the best live musical theatre performances I have seen. Being a Court Theatre Ambassador is an opportunity I would recommend to any student willing to make that commitment. You get to meet other likeminded drama students, play theatre sport games, and learn about how theatre production works, while also being able to see shows for free! It is a brilliant opportunity.

Nadia Officer