Hero photograph
Photo by Kate Boyes

Classical Studies 2017

Sarah Richardson —

Another year of mythologies, megalomaniacs and mayhem in Level 3 Classics! 2017 was a jam packed year for Hornby High School Classics students.

We started the year with an in-depth study of Greek Mythology, learning the names and stories of the gods and heroes that inspired an entire culture of people. This was followed by an examination of the life and journeys of Alexander the Great. 

Students had the opportunity to express their creativity during this unit through the creation of ancient Roman, Greek and Persian shields that were used in our mock phalanx battle against Mr Aitken and the English department. We also trekked our way over to Kyle Park and attempted to run in formation up a grassy embankment, a task we learned was not so easy.

During Term 3, we were invited to attend the Classics Open Day at the University of Canterbury where we attended lectures about life in Ancient Rome, explored the largest collection of classical artifacts in the southern hemisphere and took part in an inter schools quiz. The highlight of the day was definitely attempting to hold the six metre long Macedonian fighting sarissa, with Hayden and Kori battling to see who could hold it in battle stance for the longest time.

In addition to our charismatic, if not completely crazy teacher, Miss Richardson, term 3 also gave us the opportunity to work with Miss Falconer and tackle the topic of Roman Art and Architecture. Students were able to get hands on in their learning by using playdough to create key-stone arches and were successful in covering the back wall of S3 in post it notes of locations, dates and facts about the artworks they were studying. This year we were also lucky enough to have a class set of google cardboard glasses which allowed us to use our phones to visit virtual 3D images of Rome and get a better idea of the size and scale of buildings like the Colosseum.

Despite the impending exam session, Term 4 remained a busy and exciting one for Classics. For the first time we took part in the International Festival, making Ambrosia to sell at the event. Through this we fundraised for our annual end of year Toga Party. Of course, amongst all these exciting activities, the wonderful students of Level 3 Classics worked hard on their two internal assessments and demonstrated a growing knowledge and appreciation of the Ancient Greek and Roman civilisations.