Hero photograph
Photo by Andrea Cosgrove


Stephanie Gray —

2019 will go down as arguably the most successful year in the science department.

We can honestly say that every student at Hornby High School that has taken science, biology, chemistry and/or physics have pushed their learning to new heights.

We have had record numbers of students taking Science this year.

This year, we welcomed the dynamic Miss Jayne Abernethy to our teaching staff. She taught science with biology. Her highlight of the year was with her Year 12 biology class and their awesome trip to the beach for their rocky shore investigation.

Other mentionable highlights included when:

· Mr Reizinger played “Catch the Potato” on the field with the potato launcher

· 10AK and Mr Heath made scale replicas of different volcanoes from around the world

· Mrs Gray’s Pringles can detonated flying into the ceiling

· Mr Stock and 10HH got a wollop when they shockingly tested out the new Van der Graaf belt

· Mr Palmer Year 7/8’s each mined 48 chocolate chips from cookies only using toothpicks

· Mr Kane and his Year 13 Biology class tented out in the lion enclosure at Orana Park.

On behalf of the staff of the Science Department, I want to say how proud we are of your achievements this year.

Onwards and upwards for 2020.