Hero photograph
Photo by Kate Boyes

Level 3 Geography

Jan Handley —

A massive amount of work and research needs to be completed at Level 3 and it was great to see the depth and understanding of Geography that developed over the year.

Level 3 Geography looks at a range of subjects from future energy production in New Zealand, the positives and negatives of diamond trading to research projects where collection of primary data is essential.

Level 3 Geography students took a two day trip to Tekapo to see how Tourism has changed over time in this region. They were lucky enough to visit the Mt John Observatory and gained insight into the changes at the observatory from one of the guides. They also visited Tekapo Air Safaris where the owner explained to them how changes had occurred to his business over the years both in numbers of tourists and the makeup of the tourist. 

 We stayed in the local backpackers lodge on the edge of the lake and the students were able to actually see the types of people and groups who visited and stayed in Tekapo. It was a successful trip with some students visiting Tekapo for the first time.