Hero photograph
Photo by Kelly McNicholl

Outdoor Education

Alan Kane —

We could call this year the wet year as many of our practical assessment journeys got rained on, the price you sometimes pay when trips are booked up to a year in advance.

This definitely enabled the students to display the school value of resilience, especially by those on our Level 3 St James walkway assessment. This is a 5 day journey, one of these days is largely out in the open on river flats, so there is little or no shelter from the rain. The rain always seems to find a way in, so the little trickles running from the face down to the neck at the beginning of the day resulted in boots full of water by days end!

It could have also been called the small year, with smaller classes which led to reduced numbers on some trips.

Planning for 2023 is well under way with big changes coming. The standards being assessed have been reviewed and the new versions are all being used next year. 

Pictures tell the story better than words – so here is a selection of photos form the year that was.