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Social Sciences

Jane Turner —

Year 9 Social Studies

Our Year 9 students this year learnt about a range of exciting topics which include migration stories from early Polynesia to Aotearoa and European migration to Canterbury.  We also enjoyed learning about sustainable energy sources around New Zealand and everyone created a diorama on their chosen energy source or sources.  In term 3 we had a big focus on human rights and took an in depth look at the Dawn Raids and the Polynesian Panthers. We have finished the year off by looking at Ancient societies and early New Zealand society.

Year 10 Social Studies

This year the students in Year 10 have worked through some exciting topics and explored many international, national and local events.  We spent time understanding the significant consequences of the treaty of Waitangi then moved into an in depth look at significant events through time such as the American slave trade and the Vietnam war.  We also delved into ancient societies with a focused look into Ancient Roman society and inventions such as Roman arches.  We then enjoyed learning about sustainable oceans and understanding the impact of overfishing around the world and in New Zealand.  To end the year we learnt about 'Our Place' or our turangawaewae where we learnt about our local histories in Hornby and Canterbury and what Canterbury is like today and a mini inquiry on New Zealand disasters and what makes the significant.