Hero photograph
Photo by Andrea Cosgrove


Lucretia Treadgold —

I knew I wanted to be a STARS Mentor as soon as I entered my first session in Year 9. There was something inspiring about hearing older kids discuss serious issues and how we can be better people which made me want to be like them.

Since then I have made it a personal goal to be a very caring and approachable leader who is confident and kind. Through the STARS mentoring program, I have been able to improve my leadership skills and change how I view younger students in our Kura. It has been an incredible opportunity to work with my Year 9’s on Sustainability projects and talk about our community. My class of Year 9's are a very charismatic group and it has been a pleasure getting to know them through this programme. Without STARS I don’t think I would have such a good relationship with them as I do now. I think through these lessons the students realise that they have a place in Hornby High School and that they matter. This year I have been able to grow alongside my Year 9s which has made it all the worthwhile. I have loved getting to know the younger students and the other STARS Mentors throughout this year. It is an opportunity I will never forget.

Nadia Officer
Year 12 STARS Mentor 

I decided to be a STARS mentor because I was influenced by my sister (who used to be a mentor).  When I was in Year 9 the mentors I had were so lovely and funny, it made me think that, when it was my time to shine, I would take this great opportunity. To connect and influence others is a great reason to be a Star mentor when it’s your time. I thought it would be cool to be a part of the team so I can step out of my comfort zone because if you know me I don’t really speak that well and sometimes mumble. With this role I am able to speak more and build my confidence up and speak clearly too. Not only does this opportunity build your confidence, it gets you to connect and go on cool trips with the Year 9’s and this makes them feel more relaxed starting their 1st year in High School. 

Meagan MacKinnon 
Year 12 STARS Mentor