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Hororata Highland Games Competitor Terms and Conditions

Hororata Community Trust —

As a competitor please make sure you read these terms and conditions.

By submitting an entry form you acknowledge that:

1. You have read and understood the relevant competition details and rules and the general competition terms and conditions.

2. You acknowledge that as a competitor you compete at your own risk and your safety is your sole responsibility. You acknowledge you have the relevant experience and fitness to compete at this level of competition. You will be required to declare you are fit and well on the day of the competition.

General Competition Terms and Conditions

1. The Hororata Highland Games (Event) is an event promoted and run by the Hororata Community Trust (Trust).

2. Submitting an entry form to compete at any competition at the Event constitutes acceptance of these terms and conditions as well as the Trust’s general ticket terms and conditions.

3. Where an entry form is submitted on behalf of a team comprising more than one person, the person submitting that entry form warrants and represents that they are authorised to submit the entry on behalf of all persons in the team and all persons in that team will be bound by these terms and conditions.

4. Entry forms for entry to any competition at the Event must be received by the Trust by 5:00pm on the date specified in the relevant competition details and rules on the competition page of this website. No responsibility is accepted for incomplete, lost, or misdirected entries.

5. All competitors will comply with all directions and instructions given by the Trust or the judges during the competition.

6. The judges’ decision in relation to any competition at the Event is final and no correspondence, or discussion, will be entered into.

7. Any competitor may be disqualified by the judges for not complying with the rules for the competition or any directions and instructions given by the Trust or the judges (as determined by the judges).

8. The judges reserve the right to determine a winner for any competition if a clear winner is not determined in accordance with the rules for that competition.

9. The judges reserve the right to move competitors into another category if they deem necessary.

10. No responsibility is accepted by the Trust for any injury, damage, or loss to any person or property that may occur during any competition at the Event, during practices, or otherwise in relation to the Event. The care, safety, and wellbeing of children or minors taking part will be the sole responsibility of their parents or caregivers.

11. Each person entering or participating in any competition at the Event warrants (and where minors, their parents or caregivers warrant in relation to those minors) to the Trust that they are in good health and have no medical or other conditions that might be affected by participation in the competition.

12. The Trust reserves the right to require that evidence of age and eligibility be produced by any competition entrants.

13. The Trust reserves the right to postpone or cancel the Event or competition at any time (whether prior to the date of the Event or on the date of the Event) and for any reason, including (but not limited to) due to a Force Majeure Event. The Trust will not be liable to any competitor for any compensation whatsoever as a result of postponement, cancellation, or termination of the Event.

14. Where the Trust cancels or terminates the Event or competition due to a Force Majeure Event (and not for any other reason such as breach by the competitor of this Agreement or the general ticket terms and conditions) the Trust will refund any entry fee already paid by the competitor prior to such cancellation or termination.

15. Any prizes offered in connection with any competition at the Event are not transferable and cannot be exchanged for cash.

16. Information and all promotional or advertising material about the Event and competitions, entries for competitions at the Event, and prizes form part of and are subject to these terms & conditions.

17. All entries become property of the Trust. The information collected in this form will be held securely by the Trust at its offices in accordance with the Privacy Act 1993 and will be used for the purpose of the prize draw and for publicity, marketing and promotional purposes.

18. Entry into any competition at the Event constitutes the consent by the entrant to the Trust using the details and results of the competition and the competitor’s name and image and photography for publicity, communications, and marketing and promotional purposes.

19. The Event will be run inline with Government COVID guidelines in place at the time.

20. In these terms and conditions, unless the context otherwise requires:

Agreementmeans the agreement between the

Trust and the competitor (being the person or persons named in the Application) comprised of the Application and these terms and conditions, once the Application has been accepted by the Trust.

Applicationmeans the application form completed by the Competitor to which these terms and conditions relate.

Force Majeure Event means any cause or circumstance beyond the reasonable control of the Trust including but not limited to acts of God, earthquake, fire, explosion, flood, storm, or other adverse weather conditions, accident, riot, civil commotion, insurrection, epidemic, pandemic, national emergency (whether in fact or law), act of war or terrorism (whether declared or not), or Governmental or Local Authority action, restrictions, restraint, direction, or embargo.