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Tech Week Roadshow on Monday 23 May


Activity 1: Illustration and 3D Design

An introduction to the world of illustrating and 3D design. Learn about the basics of drawing using drawing tablets with professional

grade software as well as learn about free software options. Learn about 3D creation and see how these skills and other digital skills

can lead into careers in the tech industry.

● Introduction to drawing in photoshop using a drawing tablet: getting used to the controls; Layers; Rotoscoping

● Introduction to 3D paint: drawing in 3D, importing assets and moving them around, career pathways discussion

Activity 2: Virtual Reality Introduction

Introduction session for VR. Learn about Extended Reality and its potential applications and then have a first hand experience in the

world of VR. Students will be taken through the safety aspects before being taken through some simple VR experiences. Students will

be asked to think about how VR could change their reality and how it could affect their lives and wellbeing.

● Virtual Reality experience: YouTube 360; Gravity Sketch (multiplayer); Beat Saber (multiplayer)

Activity 3: Working as a team

Students will learn the importance of teamwork and how good communication is essential to success. By playing the game Overcooked

2, students will be forced to work together by playing different roles to achieve common objectives. Success hinges on being able to

work well together and students will discuss how these ideas can be taken and used in their lives.

● Introduction to Overcooked 2 and how the controls work - students split into teams to compete against each other; the

importance of staying calm and not tilting, and how to communicate effectively.

● Introduction to Mario Kart - students will be split into teams; how to work as a team in a free-for-all game.

Activity 4: Sportsmanship and high performance

Students will get a taste of competitive video gaming with Rocket League and Overwatch. They will learn about what eSports is and the

qualities required to be a top-tier player. Learn about sportsmanship, resilience under pressure, and how to train properly while

exploring what it takes to have a high performance mindset.

● Rocket League 3v3 - Playing and analysing performances, identifying strengths and weaknesses.

● Overwatch 3v3 - Being under pressure, how to train to improve and also how to deal with online toxicity when training

Activity 5: Hado - Video games meets sports

Experience the blending of technology and real life sports with the XR game Hado which allows students to play a fully competitive

video game using their bodies as real life avatars. Hado shows just what the future might look like for future competitive sports.

Activity 6: Drive Safe West Coast Driving Simulator

Experience using a simulator to practice safe driving techniques.

Activity 7: Go With Tourism (included with Activity 6).