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Careers Event - a Reflection

Holly Lindsay —

Firstly a huge thank you to everyone who helped make Monday afternoon a success!

In total we had 60 different talks from a huge range of volunteers all talking about what their day-to-day jobs involve. Over the course of the hour, students were able to visit 4 talks, which meant timings were pretty tight but the students engaged well with the event and managed to move around the school smoothly and quickly so well done!

I’ve sent out surveys to both the speakers and the students so we can analyze how successful the event was. We can then plan for any future activities. However initial feedback from all parties involved has been positive.

Several of our speakers came looking for me after their talks to give their praise for the students. Saying how polite and courteous they were, and that they asked some very thoughtful questions. They seemed to enjoy the afternoon, and some even gave contact details to students to enquire about jobs.

Students have been saying that it’s got them thinking about areas they hadn’t considered and that they’ve realized there are lots of jobs that they didn’t know existed and so will be looking into things more rather than just picking careers they’ve heard of. There were some lovely comments from students not realizing there are jobs on the West Coast in the area they’d considered going into, and that they had thought they would need to move away to work in those fields.

The staff of the school were hugely supportive of the event, helping take our visitors between rooms and generally going above and beyond to help things run smoothly.

So thank you to everyone involved, and hopefully, we can see more events like this in the future,

Holly Lindsay