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Master Chef

Trish Dellaway —

Congratulations to our master chef winners!

The Judges were Jason Briggs & Jacey McLean

Sweet category

First Place - Peanut Brownies - Ella Fitzmaurice (Yr 11)

Second Place - Caramel Fudge Brownies - Sophie Butcher (Yr 11) and Antonia McDonnell (Yr 11)

Third Place - Cinnamon scrolls ā€“ Shonteal Cresswell (Yr 10)

Savoury category

First Equal - Butter Chicken and Rice - Nikyla and Rebecca (Yr 9) & Sourdough Pizza Bread - Addison, Dewi, Niamh, Violet (Yr 9)

Second Place - Nachos with Pastry Chips - Charlotte, Ella H, Talia, and Jess McEwan ā€“ mixed years)

Third Place - H&Nā€™s Buttered Chicken - Harriet Boddy & Nikayla Currie (Yr 9)