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Photo by Renee Hutchinson

JPII Student Leaders Camp

JPII Student Leaders —

The John Paul ll Student Leadership Team headed to Boyle River for 2 days to gain leadership experience.

 The camp gave us insight into different leadership styles; democratic, autocratic and laissez-faire, which we put into practice during activities. These activities included high trees, swamp, nightline, hostage situation (rescuing Monty the Monkey), bush navigation, mud run, waterfall jumping, ending with an Amazing Race. With these activities, we gained knowledge about ourselves as well as learned our boundaries. We hope to put this knowledge we've learnt towards our time as leaders and pass it onto others during 2022.

It was interesting to be back there again and explore our leadership qualities. The most memorable thing for me was jumping into the waterfalls because of the chaos. “What a mean meal Ms Hutchinson!” - Daniel Cresswell

Being back at Boyle River brought back many memories from the year 10 trip, it allowed me to see how much I’ve grown as a person over the years. “I’m sure three layers of insect repellent will be enough” - Riley Fairhall

There were so many activities I enjoyed like the mud run and the bush bashing however the instructors and the other co-leaders helped me to get out of my comfort zone by being more vocal which I appreciated the most. “Do NOT throw mud at me” - Jasmine

I learned lots about my own leadership skills and style, and it was really amazing to start off with bonding our team. I feel like we left Boyle river as new, stronger leaders. "One thing I'm not taking back with me are the sandflies." - Maddy Sweetman

Over the past two days at Boyle River, I really enjoyed how much the leadership team threw a lot of different ideas within different team-building activities, and worked well together. ”Shall we do this guy’s” - Kelly Jordan

Going to the Boyle river camp for the first time was very intimidating, and I was very nervous about doing things the wrong way, but I gained my confidence through communicating with my fellow leaders and with the instructors who did a great job supporting the quieter leaders like me, and don’t engage as much with others “Using google map to navigate around the bush beats the whole point of this activity,” - Tiara Tiania

We would like to say a huge thank you to Ms Hutchinson for planning and organizing the amazing trip to Boyle river and delicious Lasagne. 

Thank you to Ms Costello for coming along and supporting us during the camp. Special thanks to the lovely instructors Ingie and Cassi.