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Jasmine Dodemaide —

On Thursday 11th May, Greymouth High School hosted the West Coast Secondary Schools Badminton Tournament. Buller, Greymouth, Westland High School and South Westland Area School were involved in this tournament. This was a full day with back to back games! There were over 74 students competing on the day. A massive thank you to Graham Berry and Maddy Crawford who organised the day!

16 John Paul II students made up four teams, two girls and two boys teams.

Between our four teams we had a successful day, placing us close to South Westland Area School and Westland High School. The day was jam packed with over 5 games being played from each team. All students showed great sportsmanship as they were able to ref and score for other games that were run throughout the day.

The JPII Boys A team were placed in a pool with Westland High School A, who have been consecutive winners of the WCSS Badminton Tournament. This meant they had some tough games, both singles and doubles. JPII Boys B were in the other pool, with South Westland Area School. Another very skilled team that has won the tournament a few times. Finn and Jude were placed top in their team and were up against the top players for each team. As a whole team they played well and were able to secure second place after the pool play. Playing off for 3rd/4th the JPII A Boys won 3/6 games, a draw, looking back at the points scored JPII just fell short by 10. Taking third place overall.

JPII Girls A were also in the pool with Westland, Buller and South Westland Area School. They were playing against other students who competitively play badminton outside of school. Playing to their best, they were able to have some close games. There were two games where it was 3-3 all, and it came down to how many points were scored in the singles and doubles. After all the pool games were played, JPII A Girls were sitting third in their pool, which meant they were to play third in the second pool. Playing for 5th/6th, was against JPII Girls B, which was the closest game of all! JPII Girls B took 5th, leaving JPII Girls A 6th.


- Finn McClunnie

- Jude Paneda

- Brian Collins

- Toby Sharp


- Jack Honey

- Tiaki Anderson

- Jakob Walker

- Ciaran Thow

JPII Girls A

- Jessica Stevenson

- Samantha Donaldson

- Olivia Johansen

- Kyra Johnson

JPII Girls B

- Pyper Murphy

- Nicole Pangilinan

- Rachel Francis

- Syrhys Bell