Kamar Setup for Students

Vanessa Pringle —

This is instructions for logging onto the Web Portal and App.

JPIIHS Student / Parent Web Portal

The JPIIHS Student / Parent Web Portal link is


You can find this now on the school website www.johnpaul.ac.nz

Login using your firstname.lastname and your password.  I will get Kamar to email you a reminder of your password.

JPIIHS Kamar App

The JPIHS Kamar App can be downloaded from the Apps Stores for both Android and Apple.

You will need to add the following details:

Name: ( you can leave as Default or put your own words)

Portal Address: johnpaul.school.kiwi

Username: (put in your firstname.lastname)

Password: (put in your kamar password you were emailed)

Issues logging on to the Web Portal and/or App

If you have any issues with logging onto the Kamar Portal, please contact Miss Pringle vanessa.pringle@johnpaul.ac.nz