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West Coast Secondary School’s Chess Tournament - A student's review!

John Barker —

"On the 11th of August at the second-best high school located in Greymouth, Grey High, a championship tournament was held. John Paul II putting their best of the best against Grey High's best of the worst.

Alex Barangay wiping the floor with the opposition getting not only 2 medals, but a Netflix spinoff show from Queen's gambit called "The King". Alex brought back 2 solid-gold-better-than-Olympic medals. 

John Paul II's A-team took out first place with 0 room for the competition to overtake, John Paul II's B-team then overtook Grey High teams in the last game winning the most anticlimactic photo finish ever. 

Overall, John Paul II dominated Grey High and dominated them in style."

Thank-you John, for that proud write-up about the success of you and your chess mates.  We are very proud of your achievement.

This Chess Competition is run each year at venues around the country and is organised by Paul MacDonald of "Chess Power".  For those interested in extending their skills in this ultimate strategy game, head to www.chesspower.co.nz