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Catholic Character

Ms Pope —

As we are unable to celebrate our usual academic mass at the parish church this year, we are going to have a Zoom mass on Friday March 11 at 8.45 am. This is the usual Whanau time so the whole school can come together electronically. The zoom connect will be in next week’s newsletter.

Lent is fast approaching, there will be a pancake race on site, teachers’ team, and student teams. Lenten liturgy will be in Whanau groups, with black ribbon replacing the usual ashes.

Mufti day for Tonga is on March 18th. Funds donated will go to the Caritas appeal. The catholic character hub is establishing its presence within our school community. Our student Eucharistic Ministers participated at the St Patricks’ school Mass this morning.

Great role modelling for the younger students to see.

Confirmation Programme will be offered from 18 th March for those who wish to participate.


“Dear Lord, today I offer you myself.

Come breathe your life into my working day. Cause me to awake, to embrace the moment, and to go in Your name. Today, thank you that I can run without fear, serve with kindness, and walk with You in this great adventure.”

Ms Pope

Te Kaiwhakahaere o te tūnga whakapono