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Awards Ceremony 2019
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Procedure for Selecting Dux and Proxime Accessit Awards

Tuirirangi Jason Renau —

This statement is to clarify the procedure of how the school calculates these two important awards.

It is important that the process of identifying the Dux appreciates that the award is presented to the student who produces the most successful academic profile during the year of the award. The purpose of this award is to promote the achievement of high academic standards to ensure success at university. The procedures below have been compiled to provide the necessary transparency and to ensure that the Dux and Proxime Accessit are determined in a fair, valid and objective manner.

1. Student achievement data will be determined from the Approved Subjects Only list. 

2. Credits gained in the year of the award only will be counted.

3. All courses will be based on a total of 24 credits only, considered from top-down. This means that the highest level credits will be counted first and then the next level down, to a maximum total of 24 credits for each subject studied. 

4. Credits gained will have a numerical weighting commensurate with the NZQ level and grade achieved. 

5. Externally assessed Achievement Standards which have been internally evaluated through the process of Derived Grade Exams or in-class testing may contribute to the credit count, providing that the teachers concerned are able to produce evidence in support of their achievement estimation upon request. 

6. The time frame for generating points towards these awards will be clearly defined as that period from the commencement of the current school year until the conclusion of the day which is eight full school days prior to the day of the Awards Ceremony.

7. Where the total external assessment of internally compiled work is concerned, eg Fine Arts, etc, the system relies on the professional judgement of the teacher involved in predicting the outcome of the external assessment procedures.

8. The Dux will be the individual studying a Level 3 course as a full-time student, who gains the highest numerical value as calculated from clause 4 above. The Proxime Accessit will be the individual who gains the second highest numerical values. 

9. In the event that two individuals gain the same numerical score, the Deputy Principal will review the material in support of clause 4 above. This may result in the Dux position being shared and the Proxime Accessit will be presented to the next ranked student. 

10. The Deputy Principal will collate all internal achievement data, produce a numerical total according to clause 4 above and will inform the Principal of the successful recipients of these two awards. 

If anyone has any questions regarding this process, please contact the Deputy Principal.