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The well-being focus for this term is Resilience. Each week there will be a different strategy posted to help us build resilience.

Merv Ellis —

3. Take advantage of your strengths: What skills, talents, abilities, and positive characteristics do you have? Recognise what these are and use them with confidence. EVERYONE has strengths to offer. Take up opportunities to develop them further. Acknowledge and appreciate the strengths of others as well.

You can get in touch with me via email: merv.ellis@johnpaul.ac.nz or there are forms and a drop box outside my office near L2. There is also a copy of my timetable on my office door so you can see what times I have set aside for counselling. We do have options for you to get help you need here on the coast and can explore those with you.

Youthline 0800 637 366 (txt 234) Need to talk? – 1737 (Call or txt)

Merv Ellis

Guidance Counsellor