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Numeracy/Literacy Results


Results from NCEA co-requisite assessments – June 2023

We have had notification from NZQA that results for the Term 2 (June 2023) NCEA co-requisite assessments will be available from the 14th August 2023, from 10:30am.

Below are FAQ from this notification;

How can students access their results?

Students can access their results via their Student Login on the NZQA website. Once logged in, students can access the ‘My School Entries and Results’ link on the left of the page. Students will need their NSN and password to log into to the NZQA website. Students who do not have this information will need to call the Contact Centre on 0800 697 296 or ask Awhina, NZQA’s chat bot, on the NZQA website.

What will results look like?

If a student has achieved a standard, an ‘A’ will be shown next to it. If they have not achieved a standard, an ‘N’ will be displayed. Only an Achieved result will be displayed on a student’s Record of Achievement (ROA). Literacy and Numeracy standards will not show a result until the student has achieved it. The five dedicated standards for the NCEA co-requisite are not graded standards and students cannot gain a Merit or Excellence in these assessments.

Will students’ marked scripts be returned?

No, students’ marked scripts for the Literacy and Numeracy standards are not returned. An interim Assessment Report will be released on 23 September, which will show how the national cohort performed against each outcome and make recommendations on where schools may want to focus teaching and learning. A fuller, annual Assessment Report will also be released after Assessment Event Two, with information relating to how the whole 2023 cohort performed.

Will students receive any feedback?

Students who completed the literacy (reading and writing) and/or numeracy Common Assessment Activities and did not achieve one or more of the standards can access their Assessment Feedback from their Student Login, at the same time their results are released. The document will show the strength of the evidence a student provided for each outcome in that standard. Students should download and/or print this document to share with their teachers/tutors, and/or whānau, to assist with teaching, learning, and preparation for future assessment attempts.

Please remember that for any student who does not pass these assessments, there is another opportunity late in October, early November. They may also achieve the Numeracy and Literacy requirements from specific standards they achieve in many subjects around school, rather than by sitting the assessments. Our Deans will work closely with those students that may require some support to work on an individual strategy to give them the best possible chances of achieving the Numeracy and Literacy requirements to achieve Level 1.

Students that have achieved the co-requisite will be withdrawn from the second window in Term 4.