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Dan Steggles —

On Tuesday 16th August our school will be participating in the global PISA study. This is an important international research programme in Education with over 80 Countries taking part in 2022.

New Zealand has been involved in PISA since 200, each study happens every three years and JPII has been selected to take part this time round.

Within the school, up to 25 students (largely from Y11) have been selected at random. These students have already been spoken to and have been given letters to take home. Parents have also been sent some information. This is not a test that returns a mark to the students, it is more of a survey in which the students receive no feedback, they just contribute to the snapshot of the current state of education within NZ.

For their hard work the students will get a free lunch and a chance to win a $50 prezzie card.

If any students have received the letter have any questions or would like more information, please check their email (in the first instance) and then get in touch with myself if this doesn’t help.

Dan Steggles