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2020 Student Leadership, Principal Mr Sullivan.
Photo by Merv Ellis

Head Student Report - Term 3 2020

Anna Donaldson —

Term 3 has been a thrilling mix of both eventfulness and opportunity.

Term 3 has been a thrilling mix of both eventfulness and opportunity.

I would like to acknowledge the resilience, determination and aptitude of all John Paul II students throughout the term. We have endured several shifts in Alert Level, further changes to NCEA, and a switch to a new student management system, Edge. Despite these changes, students have continued to achieve highly, stay involved, and support one another.

Many students have competed in West Coast secondary school sporting events to replace Tournament week which was canceled due to the pandemic. Students displayed their adeptness in an array of sports including swimming sports, rugby, basketball, netball and the girls John Paul/Grey High combined hockey and rugby which are currently happening. I would like to commend all people involved in the organisation and facilitation of these local events which has been pivotal for maintaining a sense of normality and enjoyment during the COVID period. Our Sports Leader Callum also organized a week long school Volleyball tournament which bolstered school spirit during these uncertain times.

Students have been offered amazing opportunities such as the Penguin dissection which was organised by Mr Steggles, and led by members from the Greymouth Veterinary Clinic and West Coast Penguin Trust. This Wednesday students can also participate in the Nasal mite study; part of a global penguin research project for which participating students will be named and credited in the findings.

Miss Lindsay organized a school wide Careers Conference where 60 members of the community came in and spoke about their professions. This was the first time an event like this has been held at John Paul II and was not only thought provoking, but opened doors for senior students looking to make the transition to the workforce.

I would like to extend a massive thank you on behalf of John Paul II to Miss Lindsay, Mr Steggles and all other staff involved in the organisation of these events. It has given students invaluable insight, evoked interest, and has created ties between students and the community to assist them in pursuing their goals and passions.

Following the completion of the derived grade exams for seniors, all students have been immersed in cultural events such as the Kapahaka competition, Maori and Sign Language week. A school Cultural evening was also held, which was a fantastic opportunity to come together as a community and celebrate and bring awareness to the talent and diversity in cultures we possess here at John Paul II. With the recent shift down to Alert Level 1, I look forward to the school community coming together to support the boys playing in the annual Town vs Country game at Wingham Park, and attend the School Ball at Shantytown at the end of this week.

I would like to make a personal thank you to all the students, staff and community members who have supported the School Leadership team throughout the busy and difficult times this year. Your ongoing support and guidance has been vital for the success of many events, and the development of our leadership skills across the year.

I wish everyone a safe and enjoyable holiday, and all seniors a successful exam period next term.