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JPII Year 10 Health Checks

Health NZ —

Dear Parent/Guardian

As part of the National School- based Health Programme I would like to invite all Year 10 students to have a ‘Youth Health and Wellness Check’ with a public health nurse. This assessment is an opportunity for students to engage in a health service, as well as have an assessment of their growth, nutrition, oral health and vision.

The health check will also include the HEADSSS assessment (This is a talking tool we use that allows conversation around topics such as Home; Education/employment; Eating and exercise; Activities and peer relationships; Drugs and alcohol; Safety, Sexuality, Suicide, depression and mood.) It will help identify their strengths and needs for support.

A nurse will spend about 45-60 minutes, and from this assessment the student and I can work together to develop a personal health plan as required.

If I believe that your Child will benefit from further support, this will be discussed with you prior to any decisions being made. The information gathered will be strictly confidential, unless concerns around their safety are identified, then the appropriate people/organizations will be informed, as will you, the Parent/Guardian. This may include other health providers and the school.

This voluntary health assessment will be offered to your daughter/son.

If you or your daughter/son wishes to decline please indicate by replying to me via email to hilary.ford@wcdhb.health.nz

If you would like to discuss this further, please feel free to send me an email, text or call. 

Hilary Ford

Public Health Nurse


027 839 8915