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Tech Week Expo & UC Presentation

Jasmine Fitzgerald —

Yesterday students attended the University of Canterbury Mechanical & Engineering Presentation at Greymouth High School and the Tech Week Expo at The Regent Theatre.

They learnt about the latest emerging technologies, including AI, Machine Learning, 3D Printing and Virtual Reality. Exhibitors included University of Canterbury, SkillsVR & Ministry of Social Development, Beca and Complete 3D.

They had a great time checking out the robots and virtual reality headsets! 

Jasmine Fitzgerald

On Thursday, morning and afternoon, students from John Paul II attended a school trip all about the experience of engineering held at the Greymouth High School.

The engineering presentation held at Greymouth High School was run by the University of Canterbury. A representative from the engineering division from the university explained how engineering at the university worked, how long the programs were and what they were about. She told us about all the types of engineering, what they are about and what subjects you need to take to enter the course. After she finished talking, the university had brought down some projects that had been made by the university students, and explained further about what they did in the courses and what they made. There was a robot arm with very simple controls, a device for helping to move the elderly or disabled, and a race car that could accelerate to 100k/h in just over 2 seconds!

In the afternoon session, the students were engaged in various projects related to engineering. One project involved the production of 3D printed titanium components for vehicles and replacement joints. This activity allowed the students to explore the practical manufacturing techniques of engineering. The students also had the opportunity to experience VR and Augmented Reality which added extra excitement to the session. The AR tracks the user's location and position of eyes. The electric race car had been built by the students and had been part of a competition involving 200 universities from around the world. We all had a go at using the robotic arm. The sessions overall were very interesting and worthwhile.

Hayden Little and Cameron Klempel