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NCEA and University Entrance Changes for 2022

Adam Baker —

The Ministry of Education has finally given some clarity around changes to 2022 qualifications in light of Covid disruption.

Due to the introduction of Learning Recognition Credits, the reality for most students to pass NCEA is now:

  • Level 1: 70 Credits.
  • Level 2: 52 Credits.
  • Level 3: 52 Credits.

The number of credits for an endorsement has reduced from 50 to 46 credits. This is at all levels.

University Entrance is no longer 14 credits in three approved subjects, but now 14 credits in two approved subjects and 12 credits in a third.

Literacy and Numeracy remain unchanged.

Both Technology and Design & Visual Communication have had their portfolio deadlines extended by one week.

Art and Digital Technology portfolio deadlines both remain unchanged.

Further information about the changes, including Learning Recognition Credits, can be found here.

Anyone seeking further clarification, including regarding specific students, can contact the Principal's Nominee.


Adam Baker,

Principal's Nominee.