Lost Property...

The Lost Property mountain continues to grow outside the student Office Window!

If your son or daughter has mislaid any pieces of school uniform, there is a good chance it may be here.  Please encourage your student to come and check the lost property.

The following items are overflowing in our lost property.

1 School jumper

2 Track pants

3 Black school jackets

1 Blue Tee shirt

1 Black lemon tree track pants

1 Grey new balance top

1 Grey hoodie with LOVE on it

1 Black cap

1 Ski glasses/goggles

3 drink bottles

1 purple lunch box

1 silver flask

1 prada glass case

Please encourage your sons and daughters to take a look at these items!


All uniform items remaining in the box at the end of the term will be put into stock in the Uniform Shop.  

Any non-uniform items will be donated to St Vincent de Paul.