Lion Foundation Charity Sector Newsletter

As many of you will already know, the Government is looking at changing regulations around class 4 gaming machines, more particularly in relation to harm minimisation. Whilst we are hoping that there is no impact on the levels of community funding available, the reality is that any changes to how gaming machines operate may affect how much funding is available to the charitable sector.

The Gaming Machine Association of NZ (GMANZ) is looking to gather thoughts and opinion from you which may assist the Government in reaching a balanced solution without the risk to community funding.

We love supporting you and helping you bring your community together.
We are not asking you to submit anything about the technical aspects of gaming machines. What we need is your help doing what you do best – helping the Government and the Department of Internal Affairs (DIA) understand how valuable Class 4 funding is to your organisation.

What are we asking you to do:
Please go to Click on the ‘For Recipients’ tab, and then follow the instructions to complete a Short Survey.

What this will require is answering a couple of simple questions and writing a few sentences on what you spend your funding on, and what it means to you. If you can supply a couple of photos, that would be even better.

Of course – you are free to make a full submission if you want to do so -

Please note: Your participation in this survey will not affect funding and information gathered will not be made available to us. GMANZ will be collating information to submit to the Department of Internal Affairs only.

Thank you - it means a lot.